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Club Ride Apparel is the brainchild of a man who wanted it all. Founder Mike Herlinger, himself and avid cyclist, understands well the benefits of performance cycling gear, but he also recognizes that we aren’t just cyclists. Like him, we have lives off the bike: jobs, school, family, and friends. As much as we’d like to spend (almost) all of our time riding, our worlds simply aren’t that singularly focused. In line with this, Club Ride has set out to create a line of cycling clothing that indulges our taste in non-cycling clothing while still providing the performance elements that we expect from cycling gear. With its blend of functionality in cycling and social situations, The Club Ride Apparel Rale Jacket is the perfect example of how Herlinger’s company achieves its goal. The Rale Jacket is constructed from StretchRide9, a blend of polyester and Lycra that boasts a four-way stretch and excellent insulation in a lightweight article of clothing that protects you from wind chill. For durability, Club Ride hits the Rale Jacket with DuPont’s Teflon DWR treatment, which is water, soil, and stain resistant. This means that you’ll be able to go longer between washes because it resists water and dirt from the outside and the inside. The Teflon DWR treatment also makes the fabric dry 25% faster, further improving what is already a fast-drying material. The material across the shoulders resists abrasions, so you can wear it with impunity on singletrack, hiking, or anywhere else it’s likely to take a beating from clinging foliage. The Rale’s sport fit is reasonably non-bulky and comfortably snug but still allows for light layering, and the inside is quilted for additional warmth. It’s also got a UPF rating of 30, so it blocks harmful UV rays in addition to the cold. The two hand pockets and one rear pocket are all zippered to safely stow your personal effects, and reflective elements help keep you visible in the low-light conditions of an early commute or a late r...

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